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Yeah, chatting on facebook through inbox could be boring you know, expecially when chatting with a slow typer.. Its got a little slow process, first you have to go to the friend’s profile, then enter message, then type the subject, then the main message before sending.. Isn’t that a long process?

Whats the need of chatting via inbox when the friend you are chatting with is online via live chat?

For me, i see inbox messages useful only when the friend isn’t online or is undergoing some network problems then he / she could read them later.

Sometime back i wrote on how to chat on facebook using mobile , and now am writting on something more better.

Nimbuzz is an application like snaptu, skype etc, the difference is that nimbuzz allows live chat on facebook. What this actually entails is, with the use of nimbuzz you can chat live with your friends who are online on facebook and you can also chat live with people on the nimbuzz network if you sole desirer.

On nimbuzz, you get notifications via sounds or vibrations when a new message comes in unlike ebuddy mobile.

How To Download:

To download nimbuzz goto

Your device will automatically be detected and the version that suits your phone will be specified

Just download and enjoy.

If you want to learn how to perform the live chat function on your mobile browsing application (opera, bolt, ucweb, etc) Read this report

Hope this helps?

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