How To Increase Mobile browsing Speed On Mobile Using boltbrowser

First, i just want to say a very big Thank You to all that wished me happy birthday yestaday 18th April, God bless You All!

Now, When it comes to browsing on mobile Or computer, there’s something i always look out for which is speed, i love browsing on high speed and thats why i’ve choose to share my experience here by telling you what i use.

For some peeps, they prefer using opera to any other browser, but i do prefer Using boltbrowser, not just because of the speed but because i can also choose to switch views to mobile or web.

Opera too has got speed but cannot be compared to that of bolt, perhaps, one cant view all pages like web using opera but with bolt is very possible. Now to the main issue…..

How To Increase Speed On bolt

First, based on the fact that am sharing my experience here, its what i use am gonna be writing.
Its Advisable to first subscribe or get a free 15mb from etisalat to minimize money.
Now launch your boltbrowser, go to MENU, then scroll down to preference, then change Transport from HTTP to Socket, now save and feel the speed.

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