How To Switch Views From Web OR Desktop View To Mobile View and Vice Versa On boltbrowser

For some reasons, i prefer using boltbrowser to any other browser, one of which i can switch between Viewing a page like using a computer or desktop view and mobile phone.

I also realised when using boltbrowser on a mobile phone with desktop layout, it is more easier to view and read through this site unlike other mobile browsers.

How To Switch between Desktop and Mobile Layout

Now to the main subject matter. changing the layout its so easy but i would advise using the desktop layout when viewing this site to give room for more updates. Lets GO!

Now, after lauching your boltbrowser(any version), Goto to Menu then scroll down to preference, then tick the box before mobile layout or view if you want to view a page on mobile view or don’t tick it if you want it to remain on desktop view but if you’re already on mobile view and want to change to desktop view, simply follow same procedure to get to the preference then you will find desktop view or layout, just click on it then save.. Isn’t it simply?

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