My Latest Discovery Or Fact about The Etisalat 10mb Data Plan Or bundle

First i would sincerely want to apologize for posting this late, i found out this fact a week or weeks ago but due to lack of sufficient time and inability to properly examine this facts before now hasnt really helped me.. Once again i beg that you pardon me.

Now, these facts am gonna be stating here are already tested frequent times by me so am not posting these on probability.

In one of my previous posts, i talked on important facts about the etisalat free 15mb data space and i also highlighted the current subscription plans on etisalat.

Now lets talk on the Updated Facts about the etisalat 10mb data plan, LETS GO:

– I realize you get 15mb data space instead of 10mb data space when you subscribe to the etisalat day bundle.

– I also realise that the etisalat day bundle i.e the 15mb data bundle doesn’t expire in 24hours, rather it expires in 48hours.

– I also realised that you could be on the etisalat easynet plan which is the free 15mb plan and still subscribe to any of their subscription packages.. Isn’t that awesome?

Hope this helps?

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