Possible Reasons Why You’re Still Not browsing Free of charge!

It has come to my realization that some people are still not browsing free despite the number of times free browsing cheats has been posted here..

Explained below could be the reason why you are still not browsing free of change on a particular network using your mobile phone.

* Understanding your phone – its alway idea you get a close relationship with your phone so that you could be able to acertain the possibilites of the phone. Its kinda funny when you hear peeps say they want to configure their phone for internet browsing yet their phone has no internet feature or service, inother words such phones cant browse talkless of browsing free, so getting every details of your phone is the first step to look out on.

* configuring your phone – you will agree with me that configuring a nokia phone is different from configuring a sonyericsson phone, so is configuring a sonyericsson phone different from configuring a samsung phone.. So have a time to understanding your phone settings.

* Latest Free browsing cheats – If you really want to browse free then searching for the latest free browsing cheats should be something to shy away from, though this shouldn’t be a problem because www.trueinternetworld.blogspot.com provides the latest free browsing cheats, so sticking to this site for updates will enhance your capabilities.

* When to create a prov. file and when not to create a prov. File – First, prov. File is a provisional file that allows your phone bypass some of their network hidden protocols to enable it browse free. Prov. Files works only for s40 phones, so when creating a prov file, make sure you use an s40 phone or series 40 phone. N.S: Not all cheats when with prov. Files.

I hope with the little have stated here, you should be able to figure out where you might be having difficulties in making your phone browse free. If you’ve got questions, comments, contributions or just want to say hi, please do not hesitate to post them by clicking on post a comment at the end of this post.

Hope this helps?

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  • I am usin nokia 2700c pone n stil not browsin free. I dnt even knw hw 2 do free web browsin in d pone 2. Pls help me i nid it. Tanx

  • Wt of web browsing. D fone only ask 4 of ip, no homepage. I nid web cheat 4 2700c and nokia 6085 dt can download freely, cos d onces i tried ,once it gets 2 download point it doesnt download

  • Finest, if u're using mtn then am sure u re using a red button cheat and does doesn't download, just use ur opera to download, get the cheats under the mobile free browsing category and get the procedures under mobile tutorials

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