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For quite sometime now, snaptu has been something some people has been talking about but its just so unfortunate that some people don’t know where to download it from. Well, with this post am sure you’re gonna get the solution to that.

Snaptu is a mobile application that allows you to connect to Facebook and Twitter, keeping you updated with latest reports, and follow the news and more…

Features Of Snaptu

Listed below are some of the things you can do with snaptu application:

connect with friends on facebook: with snaptu you can connect and chat with your friends on facebook, update status, read and send messages etc.

Twitter: snaptu also allows you to connect with twitter, read and update twitts etc

Dictionary: Snaptu also allows you to access dictionary on your mobile, what this entails is, with snaptu you can access dictionary function i.e find meaning to words on your mobile.

Get updates: With snaptu applications, you can read news on sports, business etc.

Etc: snaptu offers lots more.

Download Snaptu

To download Snaptu, simply go to and the best version that suits your device will be suggested, then download!

Hope this helps?

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