How To Prevent Your Facebook account From been banned from Sending Friend Request

I’m sure its no new news based on the fact that facebook Users get banned from sending Friend Requests due to the fact that too many requests sent by the User were not confirmed.

Imagine you finding this friend of yours on facebook or this interesting person and you really want to send him or her a request then the next message you see is
Sorry your request couldn’t be sent by this time, do you know this user personally…..,………..blah blah blah
it really sucks you know!

Please don’t get me wrong, you could get the above response when you tried sending a request to a particular user and when you send to another user it displays
a friend requent has been sent to ………………
but if you keep getting the first error message, then sorry pal. Your account has been banned from sending requests, you might need to hold on for like two(2) months or thereabout.

but you know what they say ‘prevention is better than cure’. and thats why i’m bringing up this post to aid you on how to prevent your account from such problems.

I wouldn’t fail to admit here that i was once a victim of this same issue, i felt really pissed off, gosh! I was even thinking of opening another account because it was killing me.

Well, no much talks, lets move on to

How To Prevent Your Facebook account From banned Of Sending Friend Requests

With these ideals explained here, have been able to make much friends in a week without been banned, am sure you wouldn’t want to know how many friends i’ve got now lolz…

– be careful of the people you send requests to – Not everybody on facebook accept requests from unknown person so be mindful of who you send requests to.

– Online Users – its advisable you only send request to those users, when they are ONLINE so that you get a quick response.

– cancel the request – if after an hour the user doesn’t accept the friend request, simply cancel the request.

Follow those steps/tips and you will never get get banned from adding friends trust me!

Hope this helps?

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