How To View Number Of Friends On The New FACEBOOK MOBILE

Some days back, facebook changed some settings on their facebook mobile, eventhrough i for one wasn’t cool with the development because for a day or two i couldnt see the number of friends i now had or a friend now had.

Unlike before, you could just click on your profile or friends profile then scroll down to see the number of friends, but now its a little different. The only good thing i now like with the new development is the NOTIFICATION ASPECT.

Did you know earlier before now you dont get notified when someone Likes your status update, comment, photos etc using mobile? But now you get notifications. Please dont get me wrong, this notification were okay earlier months of this year until when facebook did their usual updates.

But come to think of it, facebook are always carrying out updates on facebook mobile, whatabout those using computers? Sometimes this their updates dont favour most of the mobile version users, probably they want everyone to migrate to using computer lolz !

Now to the main subject matter,

How To View Number Of Friends On Facebook Mobile

When logged on to your facebook account, simply click on your profile, below your profile pics click ‘info’,
your total number of friends will be shown to you.

If you intend viewing a user number of friends, click on the user’s profile, then click ‘info’.

Hope this helps?

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