My Latest Discovery On The Airtel Day Subscription Package

I am a frequent subscriber of the etisalat subscription plans but because of the slow network i experienced on their server today been the type that prefers fast browsing to other means of browsing, i decided to go for airtel by subscribing to their AIRTEL DAY PLAN and guess what? I was given 20mb instead of the usual 10mb and then i wondered, could this be some error from their network? But then i remembered someone had same issue yestaday.

As a matter of fact i think this is a new development on their network and i must confess that its highly welcomed by me.

Imagine, subscribing to etisalat 15mb for N100 and same N100 gives me 20mb on airtel which would you go for?

As for mtn……… Well, have got nothing to say on that because i don’t subscribe, rather i browse freeeeeeeeeeeee!

The choice is now yours to decide….

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