Download Latest Boltbrowser Version | Bolt 2.52

I guess this is no new news to some peeps, as the new version of bolt was released some weeks back.

The new boltbrowser 2.52 has a lot of features that am sure you and i will enjoy.
For some reasons i must say i enjoyed the previous bolt version which is version 2.50, thought downloading the handler is best for those who love free browsing and other attributes, please don’t let me talk much on that as i will be writting on that soonest and how to configure the bolt browser for free browsing.

With the new version of boltbrowser, you can directly access facebook with the facebook application embedded in it, twitter, dictionary and other amazing features.

You can also watch live / internet videos on the bolt browser.
Note: This feature is best enjoyed using network subscriptions.

And a lot great features.

Personally, my best browser application is bolt, not just because you can switch views between mobile and desktop view but because of its speed the boltbrowser speed for me is simply amazing.

But this features are best enjoyed using your network subscriptions.


To download the new bolt version 2.52, simply visit using your web browser and the best version for your device will be specified, simply download and enjoy!


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