How To Get Free 1024 mb Data Bundle from Airtel

Hey guys, am sure this will be of great deal to all AIRTEL SUBSCRIPTION MB USERS, now you need not subscribe to subscriptions on airtel network, simply because you get over 1000 free mb from airtel, isn’t that amazing?

As a matter of fact am currently on airtel, you can imagine i lost about 9mb from my etisalat 15mb subscription simply because i was down with the AIRTEL FREE 1024MB that was given to me after sending the code, hey! Just chill you are gonna know how i did mine, just read on lol

With the free mb from airtel, am sure you shouldn’t bother yourself with free browsing cheats, as a matter of fact, i can’t remember when last i used free browsing cheats on my phone.

Enough talks, lets head over to……


Simply because i can’t post what havn’t worked for me, am simply gonna tell you the step by step ideal i used in getting mine so that you wouldn’t have problems with yours

– First, i had a blackberry phone with me and i was on the airtel 20mb data package which is the airtel day package, but i realized it doesn’t work with the blackberry facilities other than opera and bolt,
luckily for me, sources made me got the code for free mb on blackberry, so i simply text the word ‘socialmonth’ to 440 , at first i wasn’t given any reply other than been told to wait through an sms free 0802,
i waited for sometime and sent same message again, wooow i got the notification and i was asked to switch off my phone and on again, when i did, i checked my mb balance and realized i now have 1034mb which will expire july, thats it! Surfing with smiles on my face lol

Try it OUT!

Friends! I just reconfirmed this on another blackberry phone, when you get the mb on a blackberry phone simply remove the sim and fix it on your phone and enjoy!

Goodluck Friends!

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