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Guys, i must confess that the Latest Version of eBuddy makes a lot of sense.

Am sure some friends of mine on facebook who are watchful of my status update can testify to the fact that lately i update my status via eBuddy.

As you know, nimbuzz is also used for live chat on the facebook network using your mobile phone same as eBuddy, so you might be asking yourself


Have used both nimbuzz and eBuddy and based on my speculations there are differences in both.

1. Nimbuzz has a chance for chatting on their network i.e you can chat on their chatrooms without logging in on any third party network unlike eBuddy you can only chat with peeps on some social network like facebook, yahoo messenger, gtalk etc.

2. MULTIPLE NETWORK SIGN IN: Not quite sure of this fact but i don’t think nimbuzz allows a user logs into multiple networks unlike eBuddy, eBuddy allows you log into multiple network and chat with peeps on them, you can even log in to multiple facebook account and chat with the available friends on those accounts.

3. UPDATE STATUS: Nimbuzz based on their latest version doesn’t support live status update but eBuddy allows this, i.e you can update and view status updates on eBuddy even while chatting with peeps.

4. VIEW PROFILE PICTURES: This is one interesting thing i like about eBuddy, you can view the profile picture of a particular user you are chatting on facebook unlike nimbuzz, isn’t it interesting?


To download the latest version of eBuddy your mobile device needs to meet up the requirement, well do not worry because the best version for your phone will be specified.

To download eBuddy, simply visit on your mobile browser then download and enjoy!

Hope this helps?

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  • Pls i read your article about the best 5 social media platforms for java mobiles, but i was unable to download mozat and ebuddy from the link you provided to their website, mozat has no sign of download, ebuddy say 404 not found whenever i click download. pls i need a better link to get those download. Thank you Sir.

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