GLO 1DERFUL PLAN : Latest Package From GLO Nigeria – Make One Minute And Get One Free Minute Call

GLO Nigeria has released another great package for its subscribers called the GLO 1DERFUL, with this new package from glo, you get one minute free for one minute call you make.

What this entails is that, if you make a two(2) minute call, you only get to pay for one minute, isn’t that awesome?

Wondering how much the new plan charge? Read On:

Tariff On The GLO 1DERFUL Plan

– Calls from glo to glo = N15/min

– Calls from glo to other network = N25/min

i.e you are charged N15 per minute if you make a call from your glo sim to another glo number and N25 per minute to another network.


As interesting as this package is, there is a rough part of it i realized.

The GLO 1derful plan charges per minute and not per second i.e even if you make a 10 second call you will be charged by minute.
Don’t faint lol, all you need do is tweak it.

If you want to enjoy this plan then i suggest you use your brain, how, You might be asking?

Imagine making a two minute call and you are charged N15 ( to glo) OR N25 (to other network) ummmm! Do you now get the gist?


To migrate to the glo 1derful plan, simply dial *100*11*1# then send and confirm.

Hope this helps?

If you find anything hard to understand, please use the comment form below and we will be glad to respond to you.


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  • Pls how do I deactivate glo 1derful offer? I want to go back to infinito but the code is no longer working.Pls how do I deactivate glo 1derful offer? I want to go back to infinito but the code is no longer working.

  • Hi,<br /><br />pls can you put me through how to enter i derful package, is immediately i load N1,000 as per month i will have access to enter the package, Then that package is only for one month yes or no?<br /><br />Thanks<br />Jan

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