GLO VOICE OF AFRICA SERVICE: How To Cancel Or Deactivate V. O. A Subscription On GLO Network

I remember sometime last year, an unknown friend of mine referred my glo number to the Glo Voice of Africa Daily Report Service and a request was sent to me from their service network, been for the fact that i was told the service was free, i decided to give it a shot.

Little did i know that the service reports wasn’t of great benefit to me been that they always refer me to their website and only show me the headings. I thought of deactivating it but their’s was no way i could, then i felt i just need to manage it afterall its free lol.

Early this year they started deducting money from my account because of the VOICE OF AFRICA (V.O.A) service, and the way my money was been deducted again and again got me scared of recharging my glo sim lol.

I didn’t use my glo sim for months but then i considered the fact that my glo sim number was the number most people knew and i went back to it.

Imagine i recharged the sim so that i could make some calls later, sooner did i know that N30 has been deducted for this same service as if they ‘ve been waiting patiently for me to recharge my phone. This was done i think every week or every 5 days(through i can’t say for sure because i couldn ‘t calculate the days interval), i had to research on


And yes, i finally did it.

Wondering how? Just text STOP to 32928 or whenever you receive their message, just reply with STOP, through i think you will need to have some credit on your phone to do this but it won’t be deducted.


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