How To Add Friends To Groups On Facebook Using Facebook Mobile

Do you know you can actually add your friends to groups on facebook using your mobile?

Yes you can! Gone are the days when adding friends to groups on facebook where only done using a computer.

As a matter of fact the new developments in facebook lately has helped in one way or the other.

Well, without much talks let me head over to


First, for a newbie you might ask yourself, what is a facebook group : A group on facebook is a like a social network created under facebook where its member share views and ideas based on the group’s interest.

Now, you might also ask how do i create a group on facebook : Well, based on this i would strongly suggest you read HOW TO CREATE A GROUP ON FACEBOOK ,all the essential infos are contained there.

Now to add friends to groups on facebook using your mobile, all you need do is to
– visit the group wall where you want to add your friends

– click on ‘members’

– there you will friend ‘add friends to group’

– click on it and tick the friends you want to add and done!

Congrats! You’ve just performed this function.

Hope this helps?

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