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The internet lately is becoming a part of our daily activities.

Can you imagine sending a quick text message to someone for free instead of using your network provider service which will charge you? Its that simple and thats where Mjoy comes to play its role.

You might wanna ask, Whats this MJOY ALL ABOUT : Mjoy is a service on the internet which allows its users send free unlimited sms to friends around the world.

Yes, i know for most folks, Mjoy isn’t a new thing in the internet world because it has been in existence for a long time but the fact still remains that peeps around the world still use this service.


Using the MJOY Service network is quite good and have got reasons for that.

1. Short and Quick Message: Imagine wanting to send a short message to someone that reads something like ‘i am at work now or am around now’ and if you were to use ur local network service, its gonna cost you some penny but using the mjoy service is absolutely freeeeeeeeee!

2. Fast Delivery: Just like most network service providers not all thou, mjoy delivers sent message messages on time provided the recipent has a stable network.

But you know what they, ‘anything with an advantage also has a disadvantage’ Am i right?

Disadvantages Of Using The Mjoy.com Service

1. Limited SMS: Yes! the free sms of mjoy are limited due to credit shortage. When signed up to the mjoy service network, you are automatically given some credits which can be used in sending free sms, but whatabout when the credits are exhausted? Don’t panic, you can easily get more, just Read HOW TO GET FREE CREDITS ON MJOY FOR FREE SMS , that should help you do the trick!

2. Advert Placements: When you send a free sms to a friend or someone using the mjoy service, their adverts directing the recipient to their site is placed at the end of the message thereby making the recipient know you are sending the message free of charge! But that shouldn’t be a problem, afterall how else can they make you pay for their service lol.

How Do I Sign UP With The MJOY.COM Service

signing up is quite simply, trust me but it requires using your mobile device or pc.

To sign up, simply visit www.mjoy.com and follow the instructions correctly and explore!

Hope this helps?


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  • Hi..<br /><br />The individual messages are called “text” or “text talk”. The most common messaging service is from person to person. This is despite the fact that can also be used to interact with automated systems such as ordering products, mobile services or participate in games and contests etc.<br /><br />Thanks..

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