Airtel GPRS Plan – How Good Is The Airtel Data Plan For Internet Browsing

Yep, for sometime now the question that has been on every one’s mouth is “between MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and ETISALAT, which is the fastest when it comes to internet speed when browsing?” and during the curse of my investigation, i have been able to come up with my results.

PLEASE NOTE: Before i go further with my results, i would love to make it clear that my result stated here doesn’t apply to every one’s speculation, my writting’s here are based on my own speculations and may differ from yours based on the fact that regional locations are basic factors when it comes to internet connectivity…

Its quite ok that network providers are now striving to be the best when it comes to gprs and internet connectivity since thats what people now do with their gprs enabled phones but then don’t you think NETWORK CONGESTION could also be another key factor?

Now, i remember back then when MTN first introduced their cheap internet subscription plans for mobile users, it was really slow during the day-time and a little better during night-time, i wondered why? And i realised that many people use the network during the day times and a little less people use it during the night time.

Whatabout when etisalat, glo and airtel introduced theirs? The MTN Network speed lighted up a little bit.

Well that isn’t the reason for the post, lets go straight to the point.

Airtel GPRS PLAN is Presently The Fastest When it Comes To Speed

I use to browse free on my MTN line and just two days back the network was really pissing me off because it wasn’t connecting and even when it did, it was really slow. So i decided to subscribe on my etisalat, and luckily for me i didnt find my etisalat sim so i had to manage airtel.

At first i didnt want to subscribe on AIRTEL because i knew how sluggish the network speed was before i abondoned it but i have got no option now i just have to try it out.

I subscribed to the AIRTEL DAY data Plan and i was suprised that i was given 10mb instead of 20mb, well i just have to move on. I had to go on boltbrowser since that seems to be my best browser when am on subscriptions and i was like Woooooow, the AIRTEL GPRS PLAN really rocks!, i mean the speed was so amazing even on the edge network, i didnt know when i finished the 10mb data space under 4-5 hours because it was a non-stop browsing thing lol.

The speed was so fast that i didnt regret subscribing that day to Airtel GPRS PLAN and guess what! I subscribed again yestaday and its what am currently using now in posting this article.

The reason i posted this is to tell you know my experience and so that you won’t feel left out lol.

Hope this helps?

Have you done a research on this same issue before? And you agree or disagree with my result? Please lets hear from you, feel free and post what you think about this using the comment box below this post. Your comments are highly appreciated.


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