Airtel Social Month Plan : What Its All About? Find Out Now

If you can remember vividly earlier this year, the talk on the airtel socialmonth plan was quite in vogue that almost every internet enabled mobile phone user (both blackberry and normal phone) wants to know whats its all about. Well its was quite interesting but at same time flustrating!..

The reason i said this was because despite the fact that you were given free 1024 megabyte or data space on the airtel socialmonth plan you wouldnt enjoy using the service because it was wonderfully slow lolz. I can remember i couldnt even use up to 150mb from the total 1024mb before it expired. Its a pity that its just limited to only one month free!

ummmmm, how i wish such free mb offers could be introduced again now that there is a better internet browsing experience on the airtel network

But well, internet browsing must go on.

Facts You Need To Know About The Airtel SocialMonth Plan

After the free socialmonth package had expired, a friend of mine who i helped with this earlier, requested that i help him do the same trick again, well its quite unfortunate that it cant be done again, if not am sure some guys wouldnt mind having three to four airtel sims just to have the free mb bundle instead of subscribing to airtel monthly bis package.

The Airtel SocialMonth Bundle Costs N1250 Monthly : This is the first thing you should note, so if you are thinking of subscribing to the Airtel SocialMonth Package then you should be ready to have a minimum of N1250 worth of credit on your phone.

It Is Limited : The bundle is limited because you are limited to Using just 1024megabyte but am sure you wont be able to finish this in a month with your blackberry phone unless you are a more browsing freak than me.

Just Social Activities : I must confess that this is the ugly part about the socialmonth bundle, what this entails is that you can only chat on facebook, twitter, yahoo messenger, aol, msn. And pinging. You cant access the blackberry browser on the airtel socialmonth bundle which simply means NO DOWNLOADING! Isnt that boring???

So, next time you are thinking of subscribing to Airtel Social Plan, you should also consider the above first.
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Hope this helps?

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