Etisalat Automatic Daily Day Subscription – How To Deactivate Or Stop it

If are an etisalat user and might also been on the easycliq or easystarter package, you might be having issue with automatically daily subscription to the etisalat subscription service, i mean you might be experiencing the fact that you are automatically subscribed to the daily plan whenever you recharge your phone.

I understand how it feels like when you recharge your phone for the purpose of making a call or something and before you know it, your money is deducted for some subscription you never bargained for. Yep it hurts!

But you can simply deactivate or stop this and then choose to go on manual subscription when you choose, wondering how? Just chill and Read on.

How To Deativate:

To stop this daily subscription, just send STOP to 121 or dial *229*0# then send.

Hope this helps?

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