Facebook Mobile Upload : Having Problems Uploading Pictures To Facebook Mobile? This should Help.

Just recently, i helped a frhend in opening a facebook account using her mobile phone but then i realised the facebook mobile upload wasnt functioning on her device or profile rather. So tell me, how do i upload her picture on her facebook profile using facebook mobile?.

Eventhough i wasnt burdered with that situation because i knew surely there would be a way out to make it happen.

So tell me?

Do you find it hard to upload profile pictures and photos on the facebook mobile? if yes, then i strongly recommend you follow my ideas here.

What Could Warrant Facebook Mobile Upload Functionality Disabled

Yes, based on my research on this, i realised that there are some factors that could lead to not been able to upload.

1. Application Used In Accessing Facebook : The kind of application you used in accessing your facebook profile could be responsible for this and to tell you the truth, the widely used browser that has this issue is opera. Yes opera! Most operamini browsers dont allow the facebook mobile upload and i wonder why.

2. Kind and Model Of Phone : This is another important factor, the kind of phone you use might not allow uploads function, But almost all nokia internet enabled phones allow such functions. So you should try using a nokia phone.


How I Tackle This Facebook Mobile Upload Issue

This trick is quite simple. If the mobile upload function is working for you simply use a different browser or application. Thats it!

After realising the opera doesnt permit the facebook photo upload, i simply used a different browser and zoooooom it worked!

If you are using a PC in accessing facebook and you want to know the easier way to upload a photo on facebook, simply read easiest way to upload pictures on facebook

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Hope this helps?

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