How Do I Get On Facebook – A Question Asked By Many

Recently i was doing a research on the internet and i was so surprised to realise that people still dont know how to get on facebook.

Quite funny right? But its the truth..

Well, for those who are still pondering themselves about this, this article should help you get started.


Facebook is a social network that connects people with their loved ones.

Over the years and till now, facebook happens to be the most populated social network on the internet with its users over 100million and counting. Everyday new users get signed up making it the second most visited website on the internet leaving as the first.

No doubt facebook has helped people connect with their friends and loved ones and people even get to meet new friends on this social network.

How Do I Register On Facebook

Facebook is absolutely free for its users and sign up is also free, its even boldly written on the sign up/login page.

To sign up on facebook, simply visit using your computer and at the right side of the page just input your correct details and hit the sign up button.


You can also get on your cell phone and sign up for facebook using the facebook mobile.

To get on facebook mobile using your mobile phone simply visit and scroll down to the end of the page and click on sign up and follow the instructions.

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Hope this helps?

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