How I Confirmed My GLO SIM registration

You and I know of how this talks of registering our sims have been all over town but could you believe that i just registered my sim lately? Yes i just did…

Wondering why?

Well! Maybe its because i was too busy, or i was too lazy to go out and stand in a quene simply because i want to register my sim card.

I used to ask myself, Whats the essense of registering my sim card sef ?

What would be my gain if i register my sim card ?

This was the question i kept asking myself but i didnt know there was more to it.


I was too stubborn to go register my sim card until i realize its importance.

Do you really know what prompt me in taking the positive action of registering?

I heard on radio that all sim cards that are not registered before 28th september 2011 will be disconnected from the network.

And you know what that means lol

Well, let me split out it, it simply means ‘CONTACTS LOOSED’! And i just cant stand that o.

And then i sent out to registering my glo and MTN sim cards and i thank God for d process, it wasnt stressful as i thought it would be.

After registering the sim, i wasnt satisfied…. I needed to confirm that my glo sim has been activated so i reached the glo customer care service.


After getting through with the customer care, i was told to perform a certain task. Do you wanna know?

Ok, i was simply told to text REG to 3456 from my registered sim and hallalujah!
I got a reply that reads Your number 08058103219 has been registered successfully!

Now my mind is settled lol!

Please understand that the aim of this write up is to make you understand the essense of registering your sim and how to confirm that its been registered.

In my future post, i will be telling you how to confirm if your MTN SIM CARD has been registered successfully!

Hope this helps?

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