How I Confirmed My MTN SIM Registration

Am quite sure you know of how important it is for you to register your sim card in the nigerian sector as at now, well if you dont then i would suggest you start putting that in place before september 28 because thats when the registration exercise is ending.

Now, i remember telling you that the fact that you have been to an mtn registration center to register your sim card doesn’t guarantee your mtn sim activated, so its of essence that you confirm your mtn sim registered and activated before it will be too late to say “oh had i know”.

If you are glo user, i would strongly recommend you read my detailed information on How i confirmed glo sim card registration as this will aid you.


If you have been to an MTN Sim Registration Centre to register your sim, am sure you will be told that your sim card registration process will be completed in two weeks.


Now there were two ways i realized my mtn sim has been registered.

1. MTN GAVE ME N200 FREE CREDIT : This is no joke, if you’ve been following the MTN SIM Announcement you will realize that you are entitled to N200 Naira free credit from the mtn network when your sim registration process is complete.

2. Text REG to 789 : This is another way of ensuring that your sim is completely registered. Just text “reg” to 789 and you will get your notification message of your sim registered!

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  • mtn did not give me any airtime they send me a message dat i can now enjoy mtn service anywhere and bettermtn did not give me any airtime they send me a message dat i can now enjoy mtn service anywhere and better

  • Ooophs! Sorry pal. But i was given my free airtime credit, as a matter of fact i had two mtn sims and i registered them together, sometime last month and i was given free credits on the two mtn sims, i guess you did your sim registration during the early times

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