How I Subscribe To Airtel Day Package Using The Airtel BlackBerry SocialDay Plan For N75/10mb

Hi there, this post is basically about the trick i have been using to subscribe to the Airtel day internet service for 10mb data with only N75.

Hope you know that when you subscribe to the AIRTEL DAY SUPSCRIPTION PLAN, you are given 10mb and charged N100 and when you subscribe to the Airtel socialday bundle for BlackBerry you are given same 10mb for N75, right?

Now lets say i just used my head and i have been subscribing to the Airtel Internet Plan per day for N75 instead of N100 on my Nokia Phone. How? Here’s it.

How I Subscribe To Airtel Day Internet Service For N75

Since the Airtel Socialday Plan and Airtel day plan worth same value of 10mb but for different prices, i decided to set out and go for the cheaper cost, which is the

Airtel Social Day Plan

for N75. Now, you might be asking

Does The Airtel Socialday Plan For BlackBerry Phones Work On Other Phones?

Funny but yes, i use the blackberry service plan to browse on my Nokia phone and it works on all applications.

And Guess What?

I just subscribed to Another Socialday bundle this morning and its what am even using to post this report now.

How Do I Subscribe To The Airtel Social Day Bundle

Just text socialday to 440
thats it.

So isn’t it obvious that i just thought out of the box?

Maybe in one of my subsequent posts, i will be posting how to use the AIRTEL SOCIAL MONTH bundle to do much more than pinging, facebook and twitter on your blackberry phone but the quest is “would you want to know about that”?

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