How To Change and Update Facebook Status With Different Devices like Iphone, Android, Playstation 3, HTC Sense etc..

If you are a frequent facebook user, am sure you must have seen some status updates via different devices like blackberry, iphone, android, T-mobile sidekick etc and am sure you were convinced that they must have been using those devices to update their facebook status, but the truth is… Most of these updates are not from those devices, they just simply updated their status update using different devices with a particular method which am going to make known to you

update facebook status with different devices

Now tell me, where on earth can someone update he/her status using calculator? Does a calculator have internet connectivity?

Am sure when you saw such status updates you were pondering if it was a magical calculator or something lol. But the truth is no it isn’t.

Whatabout a playstation 3? Am sure we all know what a playstation 3 is? So since when playstation 3 start browsing the internet talkless of accessing facebook?

Please tell me, is their any device called Facebook for Camera?

But still, people update their status through these devices. Funny right? But here’s how..

How To Update Your Status With Different Funny Device

Now, to attain this aim, all you need do is input into your web browser and choose which application or device you want to use in updating your status, input your message and thats it.

Now head back to your facebook profile and see your status updates.


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Hope this helps?

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