How To Top up / Double Etisalat 15mb to 30mb

While researching on the internet, i discovered something i know will be beneficial to you. How would it feel if you can simple double the free 15mb given to you from etisalat? Wouldnt that be nice? Am sure you are saying yes.

double etisalat free 15mb

I recall writting a post on etisalat 15mb users and their choices, now if you are using the fast speed then you would agree with me that the 15mb isn’t enough for even 2 days and the free mb ought to expire in 7 days, tell me what if you finish the 15mb ontime what would you be doing? Am sure by then you will have to go on subscriptions right?
The good news is that now you can top up or double the free 15mb to 30mb. Did i hear you asking how? Just read on to find out pal.

Am sure this will be a great tip for etisalat 15mb users, but

Please Note : That this trick is still working as at when posted and so if eventually you tried it and it didnt work, then am sorry friend i guess its been blocked.

How To Double Etisalat Free MB

To top up the free mb from etisalat, simply recharge N200 and you will be credited with 15 free mb.

Now to double it, simply dial *229*3*1# and you will receive another 15mb making it 30mb.


Surf responsively and Hope this helps?

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