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The internet lately is getting more fun-filled and new software are programmed everyday.

Eventhrough the MIG33 Application for both mobile and pc computer has been in existence for quite something, i still believe its something to consider.

Mig33 has got lots of features like free calls, free sms, group chats, private chats etc.

To my own speculations, 2go messenger is quite different from mig33 simply because of the mig33 free call and sms features which we quite know 2go doesnt support.

Features Of Mig33

Mig33 has got wonderful features like:

FREE CALLS: With mig33 you can make free calls at cheaper rate through not really free but quite cheap.

FREE SMS: When signed up on Mig33, you can automatically credited with some free credits which can be used for sending free sms to a mobile number on any network.

PICTURE UPLOAD FEATURE: Just like smiggle chat, eskimi etc, mig33 also support uploading your pictures to your profile.



To download mig33, simply visit the mig33 download portal and download the best version that suits your device and

enjoy chatting!

Hope this helps?

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