Whatsapp messenger, 2go Messenger. Which Is Better? Share your Views!

There seems to be more applications, softwares and messenger developed by the day goes by but then some seems to be better than the others, but today i just want to talk on whatsapp and 2go. Am sure you know what this two mobile messengers are, well if you dont then i will strongly recommend you read my post on whatsapp, what and where to download whatsapp, and 2go messenger, download and install. Those posts should help give you an inlight to what this post is all about.

First, i would want us to first analyse the importance of one before the other.


Like i have earlier stated in my previous post, 2go is an application that allows you chat and hook up with friends, below are some of the features of 2go.

2go messenger

1. Add friend feature : On 2go messenger, you can simply add a friend using their 2go username, what this implies is that you can simply add up a friend of yours using their username on 2go. You can add friends using their phone number, groups etc.

2. Profile page : Whats the essense of a chat when you cant get a clue of who the person is? So 2go allows its users to upload their pictures and uploading them as their profile picture using their mobile phone.

3. Connect 2go to Facebook : Am sure this feature is what people really love about 2go, you can connect your 2go account to your facebook account thereby allowing you to chat live with your friends online on facebook and 2go at same time using the 2go messenger.

4. Group Chat : On 2go, you can join into any group of your choice and hook up with new friends, you can also add friends from the 2go group.

5. Works On blackberry : 2go can also be used on blackberry, please refer to 2go on blackberry, how to install

And other good features.

Now lets head over to…


Yep! Whatsapp is another amazing application messenger, an alternative to bbm. Listed below are some features of whatsapp.

Whatsapp Messenger

1. Pinging : This is just the major feature of the whatsapp messenger, whatsapp is majorly used for pinging, you can ping on nokia symbian s60 phone, java s40 phone, android.

2. Ping on blackberry : The whatsapp can used on blackberry phones, for the full report on that, please refer to Whatsapp on blackberry, download whatsapp for blackberry.

3. Uses Phone Number As pin : You can ping using whatsapp by simply adding the recipient’s phone number to your phonebook contact list.

4. Profile enabled : The whatsapp still have the profile feature enabled.


Now, with the informations already listed, whatsapp or 2go, which do you prefer?

Lets hear from you by simply posting a comment below

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