2go Problems and Solutions 2 go

During my use of 2go messenger application on my phone, there are been some problem or issues i have encountered and i just want to lay them down and possibily profer solutions to this 2go issues.

Lets get started!

2go problem and solution 2 go


My 2go is Not Connecting, why?


Its quite simple, through most people do think that the problem could possibly be from your network service providers but thats not all, your mobile device memory could also be a major effect. Simply free some memory on your phone, then turn off / on your phone and try again.


How do i view my chats and recent chats on 2go


When logged on to your 2go account, on the homepage scroll down to Active Chat. Please Note: you will have to endulge on a chat before your recent chat will appear on the active chat page.


I tried sending a chat message to a friend on my 2go friend list and the next msg i saw was ” (user username) does not have yot on his/her friends list so their full profile will be unavailable and messages will not be sent.” Please what does it mean.


What this simply means is that the 2go user has removed you from his/her friend list, you now have option to ADD USER or Remove User.


Unable to post on 2go chat rooms


Did you try posting on 2go groups and the next pop up msg that came reads “Sorry you do not have enough credit to perform this function, please purchase more 2go credits” or something similar to that and wondering what it means? It means you do not have

2go credits

because posting on 2go chatrooms now requires credits.


What are 2go Credits?


2go credits are credits used on 2go to perform some exclusive functions that requires use of credits on 2 go.


How do i purchase credits on 2go and how much do they worth?


To purchase 2go credit, visit the GET 2GO CREDIT page close to the end of the homepage. You can either purchase credits automatically or manually. Purchasing 2go credits requiring your normal network credit balance i.e the worth of credit you wish to buy will be deducted from your network airtime balance.

For Nigerians, here are the 2go credits charge:

300 Go credits for N30, 525 Go credits for N50, and 1100 GO CREDITS for N100.


Unable to upload picture on 2go


This depends majorly on your mobile device, please make sure your device supports uploads function, Nokia phones works well with this.


How do i install, download and use 2go on blackberry?


Kindly read my post on 2go on blackberry, how to download and use


Can i use 2go on a pc computer?


Yes you can, to try 2go on pc visit


How do i chat with my facebook friends on 2go?


Please kindly use my post on chat live with facebook friends on 2go for the full step by step tutorial.

Is there any other issue or problem you are experiencing with 2go ? Please tell us about it, we might help with a solution to making your 2go experience better.

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  • I can’t buy 2go credits,used to buy credits,but I pushed a wrong button on my keypad one day and after that I could not buy credits anymore

  • my prob iz dat i lost my sim cad i dont remb d numba plz elp my username iz oliver 4751 my new numba iz 08123874578 may god elp u as u elp mi bro

  • my prob iz dat i lost my sim cad i dont remb d numba plz elp my username iz oliver 4751 my new numba iz 08123874578 may god elp u as u elp mi bro plz i dont ave an email any mor d sim as lust maybi u shud notify mi on facebok my username iz samuel okunola or by mi numba 08123874578 plz elp mi 4god sake

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