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Beemp3 is one great site for downloads of free mp3 musics to both mobile phone and computers.

Beemp3 has got a wide range of downloads trust me. When i get to hear or listen to a song on radio or television and i love the song, all i need do is to visit on my mobile device and download the song from the site using the search box.

Beemp3 has got a search box on the homepage, whereby you have got options to search using ALL, SONG, ALBUM or ARTIST

  • All
  • If you search using the All option, beemp3 automatically brings out all searches that has the keysearch name you’ve insected or typed in the search box.

  • Song
  • If you search using the song option, beemp3 brings out all songs that have got the keyword search phrase you used in your search term.

  • Album
  • Brings out all albums relating to the keysearch phrase.

  • Artist
  • For me this happens to be the best search option because lets say for instance i typed in “psquare” in the search box, beemp3 automatically brings up all songs by the artist Psquare so i can choice the song am searching for.

    Beemp3 has also got


    OPTIONS, this is usually below the search box and search via options at the homepage, whereby you see or choose the top downloaded songs.

    How Do I Visit Beemp3

    To get to this amazing site, simply visit If you are using a mobile device you will automatically be directed to their mobile site which is but the site do have support for both mobile device and computer or desktop systems.

    PLEASE NOTE: To download from beemp3, you are required to insert some code capsule at the download page, dont panic its just a process to verify that you are human and not some kind of robot bot and its very simple believe me.

    Hope you enjoy your downloads?

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