The Best Internet Connection Network Service In Nigeria

Internet in nigeria has come to stay and thanks to networks like MTN, Glo, Zain(Airtel), Etisalat and other networks who have made the internet dream a reality in nigeria. Now, its like having the internet with you wherever you go because your mobile phone serves as the device for surfing.

Now, the nigerian network are becoming more competitive by the day with network service providers bringing up new services and offers based on internet services thereby making surfing easier and increasing their network patronage.

Ok, lets analysis this but please be aware that your point on this issue sure matters.

MTN NIGERIA Internet Service

MTN internet Service

MTN based on my speculation, used to be the best internet network service in nigeria tho at first their subscriptions and bills were quick costly but then they were the first to release the cheapest internet subscription in nigeria. Do you remember mtn per day, weekly and monthly subscriptions? MTN first introduced those internet plans.

MTN also introduced other services like MTN FUNLINK PLAN, which gives it subscribers free 4MB during nite times(12.30am-4.30am).

Globacom Nigeria Internet Service:

glo internet service

globacom nigeria is the second best network service provider in nigeria and their internet service is quite fast and reliable but some peeps complain of the fact that sometimes when you subscribe to their internet service it might not work that same minute tho i don’t know how true this could be o.

Glo offers amazing packages for both mobile, pc and blackberry users, like

  • Cheap internet subscription plans like daily, weekly and monthly plan
  • Cheapest Blackberry Plans : Glo currently offers the cheapest blackberry plans taking about the coday, coweek and comonth which goes for N100, N400, N1400 respectivity.

    Glo now even offer free megabyte on infinito plan which allows you surf the internet on phones, laptops, computers, ipads etc.

    Airtel Nigeria Internet Service:

    Airtel GPRS Internet Service

    Airtel Nigeria Internet service to me is currently the best based on its speed, reliability and others, airtel is what i use whenever i want to subscribe to an internet plan.

    Airtel recently introduced a new package called Airtel Club 10 whereby you get free 10MB on a recharge of N200 and above weekly.

    Etisalat Nigeria Internet Service:

    Etisalat Internet Service

    Based on reports from friends, it has been said that etisalat has the best speed when it comes to internet connectivity but i havn’t tried that out sha, the last time i did i wasnt impressed so i wouldnt give them all the credits lol.

    Etisalat currently offers free 15mb on a recharge of N200 and above weekly and this has been running for months now.

    In Conclusion: Airtel seems to be the best internet service provider based on my region in nigeria.

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