Facebook Homepage Not Opening On Operamini 4.2, How I Accessed Other Pages Like Profile Wall, Inbox and Others

Just yestaday morning i tried accessing my facebook account on my opera browser and it worked fine but yestaday afternoon, i tried visiting my account but then i realised it wasn’t opening. I felt probably sometime was wrong with my network service and then decided to wait. But later the same thing keep persisting, i tried opening a different website and it opened well, so its obvious there’s something wrong with my facebook account.

I tried accessing my account on a pc computer and it worked fine.

But i gat to access my facebook account on my mobile

Applied some few tricks.

facebook not connecting on operamini

This was what i did.

I simply went through my facebook fan page which is www.facebook.com/trueinternetworld but then my account was still on, so i could clearly view my inbox page, profile wall and others but not homepage.

Well, i think thats okay for me, tho i cant view my requests now on mobile but i think this is just a minor issue with either facebook or operamini and am quite sure that will be resolved soonest but for now you can do with the little trick i have posted. Just incase yours isn’t logged in, just visit my page, click LIKE, you will be asked to log in, input your facebook username and password then log in. Thats it!


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