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While surfing through facebook earlier today on my phone, i stumbled upon an interesting new feature on facebook mobile amongst other new features.

If you have been very speculative on facebook you will realise that facebook are always updating more of their mobile features than that for the desktop or web version.

Facebook now allows members to option out or leave groups on facebook and this is one new feature am quite favoured with.


Yes am quite favoured with this new feature because almost everyday(not everyday) on facebook, am been added to one group or the other on facebook, groups that i have got no interest on by my friends, funny enough i don’t know much of my facebook friends, how can i know all thousands of my friends on facebook?

Now when added to those groups, i will need to go on pc which is the desktop version then remove or

leave the group on facebook

that am been added to, of course i wouldn’t want to start posting on the group’s wall pleading for the group admin to remove me from the group as i think this is not idea and could probably sound unpleasing to the group owner.

Now, with the new group feature i can do it myself

Do you know that when added to a group on facebook:

  • You start gettings mails to your email address informing you of activities on the group?
  • You also get to receive notifications on your

    facebook notification page

    informing you of activities like postings on the group wall?

  • Whether you post on the group’s wall or not you keep getting mails and notification concerning the group?
  • Yes and the one option to escape from all this is to leave the group.

    How Do I Do This?

    Its very simple, to leave a group on facebook using mobile phone just follow this instructions.

  • Visit the group you are beed added to
  • Just below the group profile pics, locate info tab which is between wall and members
  • On the info tab, scroll down to Leave Group, click on it and confirm
  • Thats it.

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    Hope this helps?

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