GLO FREE MB : How To Know If You Have GLO Free MegaByte For Free Browsing

Just recently, glo nigeria unleased an additional advantage to internet users by offering free megabyte data space for free browsing on both mobile phone and pc/laptop users. Isn’t that awesome?

For every recharge of N500 denomination you are entitled to 50 free MB of data plan on the glo network for free browsing.

This is how it works:

Recharge N500 = 50MB


N2000 = 200MB

Thats it.

glo free mb

NOTE:: If you have been on the glo network and have been recharging your sim, you could be lucky enough to have been entitled to some free mb, all you need do is to check.

How To Check:

To check your glo free mb status, simply dial 1241 on your glo sim and follow the voice prompt as the lovely female voice reads out your current account balance and also tells you how much free mb you have got left.

  • Based on my speculations so far, it seems this bonus is only given to those on the glo infinito package, so if you have been on the infinito plan, i strongly suggest you check on mb status ASAP!
  • The Free MB seems to be working on only glo secure settings so you might want to contact the customer care for that or ask me using the comment box below this post.
  • The Free MB can be used on both mobile phones, ipads, laptop/computers using the glo secure settings.
  • Got yours? Please let us know by posting a comment.


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