How I Got Disappointed With GLO Internet Service

Today been the 28th day of October 2011, i must confess that i was disappointed with GLO based on their internet service.

If you are a frequent follower of this site update you might have realised that i didnt update a new post yestaday and that was basically due to the issues i had with internet on my mobile phone.

All this while i used to use MTN network because am using free browsing cheats on that network but somehow yestaday the internet on that line was bad and so i had to switch to GLO.

glo internet service

The reason i had to switch to glo internet plan is because i was quite impressed with the speed the night i used the glo free mb given to me to browse free. That night i was able to watch online videos on my phone and other activities online due to the speed so i decided to go for the per day plan which is the all day plan.

I though the network was going to be good as the night but the result was different, i must confess i didnt enjoy the service.

Tho glo still remains one of the top networks for me but i still think they have some works to do based on their internet service or what do you think?

Possibe Reasons:

Network Congestion: I think congestion on the glo network could have been a reason why the internet service was bad or maybe

Geographical Location: Ummmm i dont think this was it afterall it was same location i used the other night.

Well, are you having problems with your network? Do share with us, we could bring up solutions together you know!


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