How I Used Airtel Social Plans On Blackberry With Opera mini And Bolt browser

As funny as it may seem i did it. I used operamini on blackberry also with bolt browser and on airtel social plans or bundle specifically i used the airtel social month bundle.

Yes its true that the airtel social plans for blackberry are created specifically for social activities like facebooking, twitting, yahoo messenger, aol chats and pinging but i used it on operamini and boltbrowser. Through I havnt tried it on ucweb and others.

Wondering how i did it? Please relax, take a deep breathe and read on.

Fine! I admit that its almost impossible to use the social plans bundle on airtel for anyother thing beyond social activities as it was formed specifically to work with those but like its often noted: “trials by error brings new ideals” or should i say “no greater risk then not taking a risk” yes i think that fits in, dont you think?

Well without much talks, lets act!

How I Did It:

  • First, i subscribed to MTN 10MB PLAN which is the MTN daily bundle by texting 104 to 131, the reason i did this was because i needed to download operamini and boltbrowser application using the blackberry web browser and the airtel social plans dont work with it.
  • After successful download of both application, i simply insected my zain/airtel line and subscribed to the Airtel socialmonth package by simply texing socialmonth to 440 and i was given 1024mb data space.
  • Now thing is to explore.

    What next did i do?

  • After successful activation of my blackberry plan, i switched off the bb phone and on again then simply access my operamini and boltbrowser and wooooah! It worked and its blazing.

    Guess what i just did….. I simply used the airtel social plan as if i was using a full airtel blackberry subscription.

    But ooooooophs! Unfortunately i couldn’t download because the social plan doesnt support blackberry web browser.

    Note: I havn’t tried this trick on 2go with blackberry, nimbuzz, ebuddy and other applications but whenever i try it and it works out i will keep you posted.

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