How To Find Or Know Your Blackberry Pin Number For Blackberry Chat Messenger(BBM) and What Is BB PIN

It might be of surprise to you why i still had to come up with a post as this been for the fact that this isnt a new thing but would you believe me if a say that most people still dont know how to find their bb pin on their blackberry phones? Yes its absolutely true and i can give you an instance.

Just yestaday a friend asked me if i knew how he could check or find his pin number on his blackberry which i was able to help him on and just earlier today same question repeated itself and i dimped it fit to help others know their bb pin.

Here’s How To Find Your BlackBerry Pin Number

Its quite simple, just follow this instruction.

  • From your blackberry homepage, click on MENU
  • Locate OPTIONS from the MENU page and click on it
  • Now scroll down the options and locate status, click on it and you will find status about your blackberry like battery, Pin and others.
  • NOTE: The number shown to you beside the PIN is your bb pin number.

    What is Pin On Blackberry Phones

    Blackberry pin is a Personal Identification Number specially dedicated to a blackberry phone, with this you can ping other blackberry users with the help of an application called Blackberry Messenger shortnamed to be BBM.

    Hope you get this tutorial?

    Still need help concerning your pin or pinging? Kindly post a comment and be sure that we will help with what we can


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