How To Hide Recent Activities(Wallpost-Comments-Friends Added etc) On Facebook Profile Wall

Facebook has been updating their privacy settings and tweaking the social network from time to time thereby making things inconvient for some of its users like me.

Have you noticed that whenever you write on a users wall a trace is left on your own wall?

here’s an example:

hi, do you know about the new facebook privacy?@Samuel Adeniyi’s wall


yes, its their new update on Samuel Adeniyi’s status


Samuel Adeniyi is now friends with young younger and two other friends

These are trace backs on your own wall based on your daily activities on other people status, walls and others, but ask yourself

Is this really safe or putting you on a safer side?

For me i would say no and have got reasons for that(not negative tho).

How To Remove This Recent Activities

Its quite simple, when you have written on a friends wall or commented on a friends status and wouldnt want anyone to see them, simply rush back to your own wall, just below the post you will find Remove, click on it then confirm.

Thats it! You can follow this process for all activities you dont want others to see you do on facebook.

Hope this helps?

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