My Facebook Account Recently Blocked : How I Restored My Account

This article is about my personal experience pertaining to my facebook account been temporarily locked and how i was able to restore it back.

Please understand that i didnt just bring up this post for writting sack but because i believe they might be something you will end up gaining when you end up reading the full post.

It all happened three days ago, i decided to check on a cyber cafe to fix some things based on the internet and as usual, i cant log in on pc without visiting my facebook account, when i logged in my username and password and click the log in button and behold the next msg i saw was something relating to:

My Facebook Account Temporarily Locked

I cant really remember the exact message shown to me but i clearly understood the meaning. I must confess that i was very scared simply because i never wanted to lose my

facebook account

and you will agree with me that facebook account verification process is now way to difficult, the question on my mind at that point in time of

Oh God, what kind of trouble is this, how do i restore my account back now

But you know there’s no harm in trying, i just have to give it a try.

How I Restored My Facebook Account

I immediately logged into my account using my mobile phone and the message i fist saw was

Someone tried loggin into your account from a location we are quite unfamiliar with

And i was asked if that was okay given me too options

No, i wasn’t


Yes, its Okay

I immediately selected the second option and that was it. My account was restored.

I felt some relief and immediately said hah Thank God o

That is my little story or adventure lol.

Just incase you encounter same issue, you might want to try out what i did.

Goodluck Guys!

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  • But this is not the case for many facebook users who lost their account due to facebook blocking system. There are some more chances in play as reason to see that your facebook account has been blocked. <br /><br />Looking forward for other possible cases too like Ac blocked due to more number of friends added, nothing done but getting acc blocked message and so on.<br /><br />Robin.

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