The Network That Allows Me Watch Videos On My Mobile Phone – Etisalat

During my course of study i have allows experimented for new ideas by trials and errors and its kinda fun getting involved in such you know.

Watching live videos on a mobile phone is one function that most phone users thinks really works but for me it does work and depends solely on your network.

I have tried using different networks but so far the network that has worked for me in watching videos is Etisalat Nigeria.

Hey! It might not be what you thinking. Am sure you think am talking of streaming videos on mobile phone, right? but thats not it.

If we are talking of streaming videos on mobile phone then airtel nigeria does stream but this depends on your type of phone.

What I Use In Watching Videos On My Cell Phone

An application. Yes i do use an application in watching videos on my phone. Ummmm am sure you’ve got an idea of what application this is.


Yes, boltbrowser allows me watch live videos on the web by simply using the inbuilt media functionality but like i earlier stated it depends on your Network browsing speed and sofar so good etisalat has been what works for me.

NOTE: Its advisable that you subscribe to a data plan as the data rate charged for screaming videos is quite high.

Lately, their’s been some news about watching tv on blackberry phones, am researching on that and hope to feed you with the report when confirmed.

free browsing cheats doesnt allows you watch videos on cell phones o, just speed the money lol.

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  • I really love using this app, but I have found out that it uses a large amount of my data,which means that it is too
    expensive. please I need a help on how to be using this app with less data via airtel

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