Operamini On Blackberry Phones | Where To Download, Install And Use

As we know, blackberry is whats over town and so is the Operamini browser which is considered to be the world’s best mobile browser.

Most times people find it difficult to download and use operamini on their blackberry phones but for me its been easy simply because it requires no additional or special settings like 2go on blackberry does.

Now, lets analysis this issue step by step. I think the first question should be

Where Can I Download Operamini For My Blackberry

To download Opera-mini for your blackberry, simply visit operamini.com on your blackberry device, your device will be automatically detected and the best version that suits your blackberry phone will be shown to you. Just download and thats it.

Second Question:

How Do I Install Operamini On My Blackberry

To install the Opera Application, after downloading, just launch and follow every step given but please note this process requires subscribing to A network service package data known as BIS.

Third Question:

Is Using The Operamini For Blackberry Easy?

Yes it is, its programmed to work with the functions on your blackberry phone like directional keys, menu/option keys, exit etc.

In my subsequent posts, i will be posting how i used the Airtel SocialMonth Bundle on my blackberry phone.

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