Wapdam : Download Free Music, Videos, Films, Themes, Wallpapers and more for Any Type Of Phone

In one of my previous posts, i recall writting on wapdam.com which is one good place to download amazing


free stuffs for any kind of phone.

I have particularly been a fan of the download portal for years now and i thought it wise to perhaps, share the site with you. Hence, if you crave for a site where you can download games, apps. Wallpapers, and more, this download portal should be on your radar.

At wapdam.com, there are loads of free items, goodies and contents to download like mp3 files, videos, films, themes etc and the amazing part of this is that, the contents on the download portal are automatically set or programmed to work on your phone.

wapdam games, free music and video downloads www.wapdam.com

What this actually means is that, you may visit wapdam.com with a nokia phone and find the videos category and at the same time you may visit the same site with a different brand and model of phone and not find the videos section. This is simply because the section doesn’t have support for your kind of phone. So whenever you visit wapdam and can’t find a particular session or category, it simply means that section or category doesn’t have support for your type of phone.

In layman’s language, there is a 80% chance that every file you end up downloading on the site, will most definitely be valid with your phone.

How Wapdam.com Works

Sometimes you may find categories for your phone displayed but might not work on your phone, hey! Don’t panic because this rarely happens. However, if you are using a relatively sophisticated android phone, you should be fine. If using Java, symbian or any of those old phones, guess what! Some android phones are relatively cheap. You can get some for less than a $100 (100 USD) and they would perform better than the java and Symbian phones.

On wapdam, there are lots of categories or sections. To mention a few, you’d fine:

  • Wallpapers
  • Themes
  • Music
  • Mobile Films


Under the music category, there are other sub-categories like HIP-HOP, RnB, COUNTRY Music, etc.

Under the Videos Category, there are other sub-categories like Nigerian Music Videos, Foreign Music Videos and more.

On the download portal, there’s a search section on the homepage, which allows you search for whatever content available on the WAPDAM site. Am sure now you would agree with me that there are loads of features to explore there.

How Do I Get Started With Downloading On Wapdam?

To get started with the wapdam services, just visit wapdam.com using your mobile phone or device and enjoy a whole new world of free downloads.


Wapdam.com now redirects to Waptrick. Not sure why. Hence, i cannot specifically tell the reason behind it. Just thought I’d update you on that. I can be nice like that lol.

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