3 Reasons Why You Are Unable To Connect Your Android Phone To Wifi Connection

Android phones are the new type of phones in vogue alongside blackberry and others. Android phones has an amazing feature which is the wifi wireless connection, please dont quote me wifi is not the only awesome feature on android, it got lots of other amazing features you are going to love but we specifically going to be talking on the wifi connection on android phones

Tell me, how would you feel if you get to the market to buy an exclusive phone but unable to have amazing fun with it? And you would agree with me that surfing the internet is fun expecially on a high speed connection, right? Yep am sure you saying yes.

You might ask yourself what is

wifi connection

Wifi is a wireless network connection which allows you connect to the internet using radio signals on wifi roasters, thereby allowing you connect with speed to the internet without any sort of other connections.


how wifi works

? This image should give you a clue on what am emphazising on

Now, there are some basic reasons to why your android phone is unable to connect to a wifi connection and here am just gonna stat 3 of them.

  • No Wifi Network: Your android phone cant connect to a wifi network when there is no wifi signal around that location.
  • Poor Signal Strength: This is another reason to why your android phone wont be able to connect to a wifi network simply because there is a poor signal strength or out of range
  • Wifi Connection Locked: Have you tried connection to a wifi network and you are been requested to input a security code? That is because the wifi connection is locked, so how do you intend connecting when you don’t have the security password?

    Thats it! Is there anything you would want to know or want to let us know? Please kindly post your comment.

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    • When I try to connect to it, the phone displays the message "Unable to connect". Now at least i'm able to get into the clue of the issue. Thanks for exhaustive explanation.

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