Forex Trading : Can It Been A Sure Way To Making Money Online?

Forex Trading as we know has to do with buying and selling of currencies in the stock exchange market and this is most done using the internet through the help of forex managers who help to manage its client account. But the question is

Its Forex Trading a sure way to making legitimate money online?

I remember sometimes in 2010, there were lots of talks to making money online through forex trade and i had to do a research on the topic and there were lots of claims about successes through forex trading but somehow, people still complained of the fact that it flustrates i.e sometimes gains and sometimes loses, well thats one game of business its mosttimes bound to occur but my fear was that friends said you sometimes loss x2 of what you gained the previous day tho am yet to believe that.

I know of someone who has been said to be making money through forex trading but the problem am having with him is that he is refusing to let me into it (i wonder why tho).

Do you have an idea to what forex trade is all about?

Or somehow you’ve got an experience to share?

Please do share with us using the comment box, your comments are highly appreciated.

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  • i am engaged in the trading presently but not yet seen any impact. but i believe with time, i will see lots of impact going with the words of the one who introduced me to it

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