Google Bot To Start Crawling Facebook Comments Says Google Algorithm

While doing a research on the internet lately i came across something important for webmasters.

Do you know that google says they will be crawling facebook comments on their web index page? Yes i know if some people who don’t understand this term it might sound kinda strange but for webmasters it doesn’t.

facebook logo

facebook has a social network is one amazing way to drive traffic to a blog, website or something relating but simply sharing the link with your friends and google is the top leading and most used search engine and billions of search are been conducted on google daily according to sources.

Now, you might be wondering how is this new development of importance to me and my blog or website?

You know backlinks is one important factor to getting ranked in search engines so therefore if more of your links are been crawled from facebook comments by google bot then that would lead to more backlinks for your blog or website.

Hope you now get the gist?

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