How To Add, Change, Turn Off location On Facebook Status Update

Have you been reading your facebook friends status updates on facebook and notice that a location is been added in the status update notifying other viewers where they are based? Well this is a new development in the facebook social network, facebook included this new feature for reasons based known to them or what do you think?

Here is a screenshot of my facebook status update stating my location beneath the update

status update location

For those who know me very well you would agree i dont reside in the specific region included in the update, well thats because i changed my location when updating the status. Don’t worry, i will teach you how.

Wondering how you can add a location to your status update? Just follow these steps:

By preset, facebook automatically detects some ip locations thereby automatically placing the country’s location represented by the ip address. If no location was set and you wish to place your location follow these steps

1. First, on your facebook homepage or profile wall, place your cursor or mouse pointer and click on the status update box and type your message status you want to update.

2. After that, move your mouse pointer below the post and locate add location as illustrated in the picture below

add fb location to status

Then type the first few letters of your region, facebook automatically lists regions having those alphabets in their names

3. Select your location and post.

View your status update, you will find for example near log angelos immediately after your status.

Love to keep your privacy and not willing to show your location in your facebook status? You can simply remove or turn off your region from been displayed on your facebook status update. This is how to do it:

1. First, go to your status update box

2. Type your status

3. Locate the * sign immediately after your location name beneath the status message as illustrated in the diagram below

remove fb location in status

Click on it and post your message.

Your location wouldnt be included in your status because you turned off the location feature.

Hope this helps?

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