How To Delete Photo On Facebook Profile Album Using Mobile Device

Recently on facebook mobile, i realized that there has been a new dimension to deleting photos from a profile album on fb. It has been re-designed to make the profile owner think its almost impossible to delete an uploaded photo from its account but YES, there is a way out.

Earlier before, you would agree with me that there used to be a delete photo option when you view a profile picture in your photo album using your mobile device but now if you check those pictures there is no delete photo or picture option and am sure that’s certainly going to get you asking How do i delete this photo from this album? huh? Alright, lets do this together!

facebook photo

Now To Delete a photo from your profile, follow this simple steps.

1. From your profile page, view the photo you want to delete

2. Below the picture you are provided with options like Make profile pic, Edit caption, Edit Photo, etc

3. Click the Edit photo option, when its open, scroll beneath the page, there you should find DELETE PHOTO, click and confirm!

Its that simple!

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