Poke On Facebook : How To Poke and Why People Poke On Facebook

Back then been a newbie on facebook social network, i always wondered what poking or been poked of facebook means, i had no ideal even through i get poked on facebook. Not knowing what it means i simply click on the poke back button, whatever it means let the poke war begin lol

facebook poke logo

The Image above is basically the poke button logo, when you are been poke on facebook the above image is been included, now from the facebook poke symbol can you tell what is poke on facebook?

What Is Poke On Facebook?

Poking on facebook could mean lots of things but its simply explaination could be notifying someone that you are still active on facebook.

To me, i poke people on facebook for different reasons, wanna know some? Don’t worry i will tell you.

1. I poke a user on facebook to remind them of something i might have discussed with them thereby making it more or less like a reminder.

2. I poke a facebook user when i probably what to ask something from them or i simply want to get to know or meet them making it seem like am flirting lol

3. This is particularly the main reason why i poke on facebook – Wanting to know if you are regular on facebook. Yes i poke majorly on facebook to know if you are active because i believe if you are notified of my poke, you will poke me back.

How To Poke On Facebook

To poke a User on facebook is quite simply but some people still don’t know how, well here is a guide to help you through.

You can poke on either Mobile or pc.

  • How To Poke On Mobile
  • 1. Visit the profile page of the user you want to poke

    2. Scroll down to the end of the user’s profile page and click onPOKE then click on OK / Confirm.

  • How To Poke On Pc
  • To poke on the Desktop version of facebook, visit the profile page of the user you want to poke then move your mouse pointer to top right side of the page and locate the poke button, click on it and confirm, you should get a notification thus:

    How To View Your Pokes

  • On facebook mobile version you are been notified of pokes on your homepage, just below your friend requests or notifications
  • On facebook Desktop version you are been notified of pokes on your homepage or profile page, view the below pics for sample
  • poke on profile

    Thats it.

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    Hope this helps?

    Have you got your reasons for poking a friend on facebook? Tell us using the comment box.

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