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Wondering why most people go into creating blogs for the sole aim of making money? Its simply because blogging for money is real however there’s much work to it.

Its not just waking up one day and deciding to create a blog and think you are going to start making money from the blog the next day, there’s actually more to it. When people ask me to if they could make money from blogging i simply say “yes, but on the long run“, what i actually mean by that simple team is that making money from blogging is true but it requires time, you need to work on your blog design, traffic, posts and others and not forgetting trust.

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Trust if very vital if an internet marketer wants to make money from he or her blog because you have to make people because you are real, you would agree with me that there are lots of scams on the internet these days but getting your audience to believe in you is very important. Now lets advance.

How Bloggers Make Money From Blogging

  • Google Adsense: Google Adsense is one common way people make money online and its one of the most flexible. Visit the online money making catagory on this blog to read more on that.
  • Advertising:: Most times, advertiser tend to pay bloggers to place their adverts on their blog but of course for some negociation between the blog owner and the advertiser but these depends on the blog’s traffic tho.
  • Selling Ebooks: Bloggers make additional income online through their blog by selling ebooks on a particular subject, interest

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