How To Use Airtel Social Plans For BlackBerry On Other Phones

Do you know that you can actually use airtel nigeria social plans which is basically for blackberry on other phones like nokia, sonyericsson, samsung etc even china phones? Yes and it works perfectly.

Do you remember sometimes back i wrote on how i subscribed to airtel socialday plan for N75 and used it on my nokia, i also recall writting on How i used airtel socialmonth plan on blackberry with operamini and boltbrowser, these are tips to letting you know that airtel social plans works with other phones tho not sure if same applies to mtn social plans.

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Oooh, are you aware that mtn also have social plans for blackberry? Guess i will be writting on that soonest.

Wondering what social plans are available on airtel nigeria, their subscription codes and their prices? Here they are:

  • Airtel Social Day Plan
  • : This is a plan for blackberry and expires in a day and costs N75, to subscribe text socialday to 440

  • Airtel Social Week
  • : Valid for a week and costs N400, to subscribe text socialweek to 440

  • Airtel SocialMonth
  • : Valid For one month, costs N1500, to subscribe text socialmonth to 440

    Thats it.

    What else would you like to know?


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